Stefan Schwarz - ESR2

Stefan will study the optical properties of Molybdenum-Disulphide atomically thin films.

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Host organisation (principal node)
University of Sheffield

Secondary nodes
Delft, Cambridge

Role within S3Nano

In this project optical properties of Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) will be investigated. MoS2 is composed of vertically stacked layers that are bound together weakly by van der Waals interaction. Similar to graphene, this allows producing atomically thin layers of this material. Two-dimensional materials are attractive for future applications in nano-electronic and nano-photonic devices. The electronic properties of MoS2 are very similar to the ones of grapheme, which makes the material very interesting for electronic applications. The major advantage of that material over grapheme is, however, that it has a natural bandgap. Additionally, the interesting feature of MoS2 is that while it has an indirect bandgap as a bulk material, it becomes a direct bandgap material for monolayers.

The first aim is to fully understand the optical properties of MoS2 layers. Ongoing from there, the goal is to tune and control those properties for further research and possible applications. The electronic properties and the direct bandgap of atomically thin layers of MoS2 could allow the integration of electronics and photonics which could be a very interesting feature for future applications.

Personal profile

Reasearch Assistant 2012 (6 months)
Technical University of Vienna (Austria) – Photonics Institute (Prof. K. Unterrainer)
Design and fabrication of super lenses in collaboration with the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology Vienna

Master Student 2011 – 2012 (11 months)
Technical University of Vienna (Austria) – Photonics Institute (Prof. K. Unterrainer)
Design and fabrication of resonant terahertz detectors using a quantum cascade laser material

Master of Science 2010 – 2012
Technical University of Vienna (Austria) – Microelectronics

Internship 2010 (1 month)
Mils Electronic (Austria)
Investigation of temperature development in integrated circuits

Bachelor of Science 2007 – 2010
Technical University of Vienna (Austria) – Electrical Engineering

A-levels 2002 – 2007
Institute of Higher Education Innsbruck (Austria) – Electrical Engineering: Energy Management and Industrial Electronic